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Children of the Generation (2018)

“Children of the Generation” is the third release from One Vision Productions with our super talented students from Banora Point High School.

Our mob are celebrating their proud Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture and identity in this Hip hop track produced during an 8-week “Music for Change” workshop with One Vision Productions.

The students invite people from all cultures to gather around the fire and learn of the magic that surrounds us in Bundjalung jugun. Their lyrics weave local Dreamtime yarns and remind us to appreciate the ancient ways which have been passed down from Elders through generations.

The lyrics also remind other young Indigenous people, who are battling with their identity, to stay strong and proud of who they are and how they feel. It can be challenging but nobody has the right to tell you who you are, you know your own truths and the first line of the second verse sums this up perfectly “Doesn’t matter about our skin, still belong in a tribe”.

Ancient languages have been stolen from native speakers, Dreamtime stories have been robbed from future generations and racism & misunderstanding has plagued the lives of many people. The students ask us to come together around the fire to burn off the tension, like a community should, for a more positive future for everyone living in this beautiful nation!

The second instalment from Banora Point High School's mob is titled Reaching for the Stars (2018).  

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